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One of the challenges of owning and restoring a Magnette is the quest for bits. As we are not on the radar for most of the mainstream MG suppliers, creativity is the key. To our benefit, Abingdon was an assembly plant, not a manufacturing plant, so many of the bits involved in Magnette construction came from catalogs like S.U., Lucas, Lockheed, Smiths, etc. All we need to do is look in the same catalogs as the designers of the Magnette did – and try and sort the bits and products that have survived to modern day, or sort out how to re-do those that didn’t. This is the thrill of the hunt, so to speak, and the joy in discovering exactly how many people sell Magnette bits whether they know it or not. It also gives us a reason to search out those small shops, one man (or woman) shows, and the creative enthusiasts who reproduce or manufacture one or two bits at a time.

Note: Some of the folks listed here are in more than one category because, well, they supply a wide variety of bits…

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  • Great Knobs – Make your Magnette’s knobs look new again



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