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Tutorial: Door Handles

The Magnette doors are fairly complex assemblies, with some quirky bits. In all of the body structure, restorers will most likely spend a fair chunk of time getting through them. When they are done properly, the solid “thunk” of their closing is most satisfying indeed. [mla_gallery attachment_category=’magnette-doors’ orderby=’menu_order’ type=’default’ style=’square’ columns=’4′ thumb_width=’75’ thumb_height=’75’ thumbnail_size=’thumbnail’ slide_size=’large’…

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Tutorial: Quarterlight Assembly

Getting the quarterlights put together and installed is probably one of the most difficult and painstaking parts of door assembly on a Magnette. With so few cars remaining on the road, it is cost prohibitive to spend a lot of money reproducing rubber bits to exacting factory specifications. Indeed, without the original factory design drawings,…

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