ZA, ZB and Varitone Tech Tips


Tutorial: Quarterlight Assembly

Here are all of the pieces that make up one very fully disassembled Magnette Front Quarterlight, or, Vent Window. This particular one is for a ZB Magnette, the ZA is very similar though some of the pieces or their location varies between models (ie: the upper pivot). All of these have been disassembled to resolve corrosion issues, and to be refinished with the intent of preventing corrosion in the future. I have attempted to lay these bits out per the drawing in the Service Parts List, AKD 688. This is the "Door Sealing Rubber and Draught Excluders" plate, which starts on page 147 of my May 1957 SPL.

Getting the quarterlights put together and installed is probably one of the most difficult and painstaking parts of door assembly on a Magnette. With so few cars remaining on the road, it is cost prohibitive to spend a lot of money reproducing rubber bits to exacting factory specifications. Indeed, without the original factory design drawings, reproducing some of the bits is very nearly impossible. We need to be very grateful for Magnette owners who have come before us for having spent much time and effort to get items like the quarterlight sealing rubber reproduced to as high of a standard as they have – while not perfect, they can be made to function quite nicely and look really quite proper